About Us

Make Big Noise is the result of a combined 36 years of Public Relations experience. The press release distribution software service was developed by Laura Burgess Marketing to provide start-ups, small businesses and busy businesses in niche industries the opportunity to reach those media folks and news outlets that care about their stories. No dead-end desks. All of our media, from bloggers to Editor-in-Chiefs, are opted-in and interested.

Over the years, servicing many clients, we found that PR for great products, new services and accomplishments often went unannounced because companies did not have access to media contacts that could and would make a difference for their business. Yes, there are other PR distribution outlets available, but Make Big Noise is different because it specifically targets the writers’ areas of news coverage at an affordable price.

Make Big Noise will continue to listen to our customers and open new niche markets and new avenues where dreams, hard work and big noise will get you noticed in the marketplace.