Bang And Clang LLC Announce the Grand Opening of its Bullet Business



August 7 , 2017 |

Bang And Clang LLC Announce the Grand Opening of its Bullet Business

Bullets for the Cowboy Shooter

Mimbres, New Mexico (08/07/2017)

We are excited to announce the opening of Bang and Clang LLC, located in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico, 88049. Bang And Clang LLC purchased the equipment, inventory, recipes and the customer list from Bang N Clang, Inc., formally located in Magdalena, NM. They are continuing their existing product line, 32 Caliber, 38 Special, 44 Magnum, 45 ACP, and 10 M, with plans to add new shapes and types of bullets. Bang And Clang LLC casts their bullets in house, sells them on their online store, dealer network, shooting matches and phone orders.

Bang and Clang uses a mixture of lead, tin and antimony to create the perfect alloy for today’s shooting. While manufacturing 10,000 identical and consistent bullets a day, they are all 100% individually inspected by hand to make sure you will receive quality bullets. Whether you are a Cowboy or Revolver Shooter, Bang and Clang is the place for you.

Bang And Clang LLC

Bang and Clang opened in July of 2017 to the Cowboy world, and have since taken off with a BANG! They have a great team that truly cares and are known to go out of their way to make their customers happy. Check them out, and order your bullets today. They GOT BULLETS, but do you?

George Martin
(860) 395-3643
PO Box 400
Mimbres, New Mexico 88049