Getting in the News: Print vs. Digital. Is the Approach Different?



Getting in the News: Print vs. Digital. Is the Approach Different?

With the rise of the Internet the divide between the world of newspapers that you hold on your lap and flip through while eating breakfast and the news that streams to your smartphone and tablet has become almost nonexistent. The fact is that the great majority of print newspapers and magazines have a digital edition, so if for example your press release targeting gun owners ends up on the front page of the Sunday paper it will also most likely show up on the newspaper’s website as a featured article.

With this in mind you should pitch a reporter for a newspaper’s print edition the same way you would pitch a reporter for a digital newspaper. To get in the news you need to make the reporter’s job as easy as possible. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Include Links

Make sure that you include links to your website and your social media profiles so that a reporter can easily get more information if they need it.

Include Photos and Video

It’s also very important that you include high resolution photos in your press release. Editors will often decide whether or not an article becomes a front page or featured online article based solely on the quality of the photography you include. Editors know that readers are attracted to eye-catching photographs and will give special consideration to press releases that have high quality images. Also if you have video available to include make sure to put it in your press release. Video makes for a more engaging story and is easy for readers to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Make Sure to Share

Make sure to add social sharing links to your press release so that if readers like your story they can share it with their friends. Search engines give higher rankings to stories that receive a lot of attention from social media and rank them higher in their results. More shares and higher search rankings mean more customers hear about your brand.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

The days of stuffing your press releases with a certain keyword and writing for search engines are over. Search algorithms can tell if you are writing naturally or not. Instead of keyword stuffing write very useful content aimed at a very specific audience. This type of content will rank for the keywords you would want to be ranking for anyways and your target audience will actually enjoy reading it and will tell their friends about it.

Make it interesting

If you write a press release and it gets published that’s actually only half the battle. The question is will it get read? If you have a boring headline and fill your press release with marketing buzzwords the answer is probably no. Today’s news readers are bombarded with fascinating content. Your press release needs to be interesting, unique and contain content that the reader actually wants to hear about.