Press Release Distribution

We, at Make Big Noise, know your time is precious and you don’t need to spend a lot of it figuring out how to get the word out. That’s why we’ve taken some of the load off of you. You won’t have to search through lists to reach the right editor, writer or blogger for your message. We’ve already done that by reaching out to them and having them specify what beats they cover. Our media professionals have been pre-vetted by MBN and they have opted-in for your news. Remember, it’s not the amount of people you distribute your news to, it’s the quality of people that’s important.

So, let’s get started. PUMP UP THE VOLUME.

Not familiar with writing a press release? Learn how to write a press release.

Ready to SPREAD THE WORD. Submit your press release by first creating your unique account.

Decide how many markets you need to reach to achieve your goals. MBN offers four packages. Reach two markets for only $99, three markets for just $129, four for $159 and as many as your message needs for only $199! Fill out all required payment information.

Next, you’ll need to upload your press release.

Upload your Header, Location & Dateline, Sub-headline & Body Text, Boilerplate, Company Logo and Image (never exceed 2MB) in the appropriate fields.

Choose your markets carefully. Remember, if it doesn’t fit a writer’s particular area of expertise, your message will go unread!

Submit and a Make Big Noise staff member will make sure there are no glaring errors and that you have followed our press release protocol. Once approved, your credit card will be charged and your press release will Make Big Noise!

If, for any reason, your press release is returned to you for revisions due to grave misspellings or grammar, inappropriate messaging or overt sales material, you will be given ONE chance to correct without incurring any additional charges. Make Big Noise has the right to refuse any press releases that do not comply with our standards included under our Terms & Conditions.

Any problems or questions, please contact us at info@makebignoise.com