Shooting Sports / Professionals


Ammunition covers components, brass, powder, bullets, shot, slugs, primers, cartridges and shot shells. If your press release covers reloading equipment, reloading supplies or new calibers, new ammo companies or anything to do with that projectile coming out of the muzzle of a gun, then this is your market.

Archery and Bow Hunting

If your press release is about a bow and arrow or a bow or arrow, then this is your market. If it’s about the sport of archery including target, roving and flight shooting, then this is your market. If it’s about hunting with bow and arrow, again, you are here. If it’s compound bows, crossbows, recurve or traditional bows, bows for youths, releases, broadheads, arrows and cases, then this is your market. Why heck, if it’s bowfishing you’re about, this is your market.


Think whitetail, think wild hogs, think Cape buffalo! Here’s the market if you have products or services for hunters. It might be the African Big 5 or gear for nabbing rabbits. So if you have tree stands, blinds, trucks, slings, ATV’s or anything you need to get to your favorite hunting grounds, this is your market. This market covers like camo, it’s all over everything!

Competitive Shooting

Now, you might think of competitive shooting as a Saturday down at your local range where you bet your buddy that you can punch a hole in the 10X at 25 meters with your GLOCK® 19 and that’s a fair assumption. But, do that a couple times and maybe you want to consider a little IDPA, IPSC or USPSA or even that newfangled I-want-to-use-all-my-guns and compete sport, 3-Gun. That’s what we are talking about here in competitive shooting. You are in the right place if you are announcing you won a match (or more likely, your client), or if your company is sponsoring a match (that can be big bucks – you better get the word out), or if your company produces guns or gear specifically for these Type A, go-for-the-gusto competitors.

Firearms Accessories

This market is a no brainer. Ok a little bit of brain. If you make something that goes on a gun, in a gun, around a gun, through a gun, stores a gun, makes the gun look better, perform better, be more safe, protect the gun, enhance the gun, fix the gun or by some instant marketing miracle, makes the gun a bulls eye magnet, then this is your market. (Please note: generally miracles are not considered press release worthy where information must be “factual” and not “fluffable”).

Firearms Industry

Yes, a place where you can toot your horn, or more likely your boss’ horn. Promotions and new hires, moving or adding on your facility, are some examples of firearms industry news. Others include: new agency contracts, partnerships, lawsuits, sponsorships, parties (ok, not parties, this is not a social column). You get the idea, this market is about movers and shakers, people and places.


Finally, a firearm!! But wait, you’ll want this market only if your product is an ACTUAL handgun – that means a firearm designed to be held in the hand. It can be semi-autos, revolvers, derringers, single-shots, pepperboxes and machine pistols (fully automatic or select fire). This market does not include things that go on a handgun or pistol, or in it or around it, you get the idea.

Hunting Gear and Apparel

Here’s a very broad category that includes practically everything you would take on a hunting trip except the firearms, ammo and your hunting buddy. It includes all that covers you, head to toe, what you carry your gear in, your game in, what you wear on your feet, your hands, from your underwear to your outwear. It covers your packs and bags, and anything you might need whether it’s a simple day trip in the woods near your home or that Safari we mentioned earlier.


You know, pointy things? This is your market if you have a new blade, cutting tool, edged tool (like hatchets and machetes). This is your market if your knives are made for hunting, working, rescue, general use or self-defense. If your knife is a folder or fixed blade, pen knife or multi-tool, this is your market. If your company is mass producing or you are custom-making knives, this is your market.

Law Enforcement

This is a broad market to include all our men and women who serve our small towns and large cities and keep us safe and in line. If you are a police officer, K-9 officer, SWAT team, 1st responder, fire or EMS personnel, this is your market. Make sure that when you reach into this market that your product is applicable.


If you shine it in your eye, you will get hurt, that’s what lights and lasers will do, but if you upload your flashlights and laser trainer targets here, you’ll Make Big Noise. Whether it’s a personal defense flashlight or a tactical laser, this is your market. Just keep it pointed in the right direction.


If your products or services are geared specifically to the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard, then submit away. That means any company contracts with any of the Armed Forces or any products or services specifically developed for our fighting forces. These guys and gals are serious, so use this market wisely because you can’t hide from them.


Because optics deal with vision and light, this market is for companies that design and produce anything from monocular devices to full on thermal imaging devices. It also includes scopes, sighting systems, rangefinders, NVG’s, telescopes and the binoculars you use to check out the neighbors.

Personal Defense

Personal and self-defense products and services include training classes (whether it’s in Judo or concealed firearms), non-lethal products such as stun-guns, pepper spray, conceal carry holsters and carry options, alarms, tactical pens and self-defense videos and books.


Otherwise known as long guns and often are braced against the body while engaged in the act of shooting. Rifles take many forms from plinkers and lever-actions to .50 cal. They include traditional bolt-action beauties to the modern sporting rifle (known by the rest of us as an AR or AK platform based rifle). If your company designs or produces completed rifles or parts of rifles, then this is your market.


Also a firearm but unlike a rifle it’s a smoothbore firearm (no rifling inside the barrel). Shotguns fire a shell containing shot or small spherical pellets, or a slug (solid projectile). Shotguns are used for sport, hunting, home defense and law enforcement purposes. If you are producing custom engravings, barrels and barrel kits, pump-actions, semi-auto, side-by-sides, break-action or any other type of shotgun, you’ve got your market here.

Tactical Gear and Apparel

Unlike the Hunting Gear and Apparel market, this market is predominately for those professionals that pursue the two-legged kind of animal. For law enforcement, fire, 1st responders, SWAT and EMS, this market includes tactical apparel such as uniforms, vests, carriers, gloves, boots, helmets, visors, badges, coats, belts and clothing. It includes bags and packs, armor, batons, holsters, handcuffs, backpacks, pouches, litters and tac med gear. If you market serious gear to professionals, then this is your market.

Target Shooting Gear

Not too many of us are of Competitive Shooting capability, but we are all of target shooting ability! This market is for everything that makes a day on the range fun for an individual or family and friends from targets to shooting rests, sights, gun cases, gun cleaning, bipods, slings, chronographs and timers, speedloaders and magazine accessories.

Upland Hunting

This is a nice marketing term for what most of us just call bird hunting. Whether you have a classic Beretta over and under, a nice plot of hunting land, some very eager bird dogs, or specific gear or services to the grand American sport of bird hunting for quail, pheasant, woodcock, prairie chicken, chukar or partridge, this is your market.

Varmint Hunting

Here’s the market for those who take pest control seriously. Varmints include predators such as coyotes, wolves, fox, raccoon or feral dogs. It also includes rats, prairie dogs, squirrels, groundhogs and rabbits and certain rascally birds such as starlings. Varmint hunters perform a service by eliminating animals or birds that devastate crops and fields or invade areas of close human occupation, besides it being a fun sport. Products and services in this market include guns and scopes, drag bags and optics and guide services.

Waterfowl Hunting

If it’s wet and a bird, you’ve got waterfowl hunting. Most all of waterfowl hunting takes place in or near bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps or ocean coastlines. Some waterfowl hunting occurs in crop fields where the birds feed. If your press release has anything to do with products or services that hunt duck or geese, such as decoys, calls, blinds, waders and waterfowl clothing, layout boats, retriever stands, gun cases, dog accessories or choke tubes, then you’ve found your market.