PROFORCE EQUIPMENT Appointed Exclusive US Distributor for TASMANIAN TIGER®

Tasmanian Tiger – The Pro’s Equipment Miramar, Florida (09/25/2018) Proforce Equipment, Inc., the exclusive distributor of several brands in North and South America, announced today that it will be adding a new brand to its portfolio as it has been appointed the Exclusive US Distributor for Tasmanian Tiger® products. Tasmanian Tiger is a manufacturer of

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Bang and Clang LLC, Shout Out to Slick McClade

Bullets for the Cowboy Shooter Mimbres, New Mexico (07/05/2018) – Slick McClade, AKA Jason Robinson, recently finished 2018 End of Trail Match by winning B-Western World Championship and also winning the title for “Worlds Fastest Cowboy.” He is a SASS State, National and World Champion using Bang and Clangs Bullets. He is one of Bang and

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Arsenal Firearms USA To Become Archon Firearms

Stryk B pistol re-designated as Type B Las Vegas, Nevada (12/21/2017) Arsenal Firearms U.S.A.—the Nevada-based manufacturer of innovative products such as the STRYK handgun—announced today that it is rebranding the organization to ARCHON FIREARMS (arK ahn) due to a potential trademark dispute. The company’s soon to be released pistol, the Stryk B, has been re-designated

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Anteris Alliance “A Pillar of Patriots” to Host Try & Buy Event

The Alliance will be hosting their annual event January 21, 2018 at Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada, where dealers, Alliance members and qualified media and attendees can see, touch and try an array of products during a live-fire event. Post Falls, ID. (October 16, 2017) – Anteris Alliance, will host their annual Try &

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August 7 , 2017 |

Bang And Clang LLC Announce the Grand Opening of its Bullet Business

Bullets for the Cowboy Shooter Mimbres, New Mexico (08/07/2017) We are excited to announce the opening of Bang and Clang LLC, located in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico, 88049. Bang And Clang LLC purchased the equipment, inventory, recipes and the customer list from Bang N Clang, Inc., formally located in Magdalena, NM. They

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Frontier Tactical Announces Addition to 2017 Product Lines

Frontier Tactical Is Growing Brooksville, Florida (03/24/2017) Frontier Tactical, a disabled veteran owned company, is a manufacturer bringing innovation and modularity to the already market-proven AR-15 platform. “Departing From the Known.” Brooksville, Florida – Frontier Tactical Announces addition to 2017 product lines. The amazing response to the War Lock Multiple Caliber System Retrofit Kit has

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Frontier Tactical Announces New FT-15 Rifles

Frontier Tactical, a disabled veteran owned company, is a manufacturer bringing innovation and modularity to the already market-proven AR-15 platform. “Departing From the Known” Brooksville, Florida (02/14/2017) Frontier Tactical launches the FT-15 series receivers and complete rifles. The FT-15 is the continuing evolution of the Frontier Tactical product development in the firearms industry.  Frontier Tactical

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EKA® expands and establishes US Facility

EKA®, Knife ManufactureRs Since 1882, now offers new opportunities for US and Canadian Retailers Sunrise, Florida (02/08/2016) Swedish based EKA® Knivar AB has announced plans to expand its global footprint and brand exposure by establishing an office and distribution center in the South Florida (Miami – Fort Lauderdale –Palm Beach) area. This new operation will

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Exhibitors Flock to 2015 Texas Firearms Festival, November 14 and 15

The 2015 Texas Firearms Festival releases preliminary exhibitor list including Smith & Wesson, FN, SIG SAUER and Winchester Liberty Hill (04/21/2015) Come and shoot it! Tickets are now on sale for the second annual Texas Firearms Festival at www.texasgunfest.com.  On November 14 and 15, some three thousand shooters will gather at Best of the West Shooting Sports

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Announcing the Launch of Make Big Noise (MBN), the Online Press Release Distribution Service for the Outdoor, Shooting Sports, Military and Law Enforcement Industries

The affordable, niche industry SaaS platform is now accepting Media Opt-Ins from writers and Press Release Submissions from Startups and Small Businesses looking to pump up the volume and spread the word. New Bern, N.C. (02/26/2015) Make Big Noise (MBN) is pleased to announce the official launch of its press release distribution software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for

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